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River Rock

  • River Rock is ideal for decorative purposes, adding to shrub beds, boulevards or also looks beautiful in a dry river bed design.
  • River rock is natural tones (browns, creams, greys).  Available in 2″ & 4 – 8″ sizes.
  • Please call for current pricing.
  • Available for pick up or delivery in 1/2 yard increments.  We strongly recommend the 4 – 8″ being delivered only, due to possible damage to a pick up truck box while loading.

River Rock is a beautiful natural tone smooth rock that is found right here in Saskatchewan.  Also known as Athabasca rock. This river rock is often seen in City of Saskatoon water run offs along the highways. Available in 2" and 4-8".


*We will not load the 4-8" into a truck box due to the potential damage from the size of the rock. We encourage delivery on the larger rock.