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Landscape Fabric

  • Prevent weed growth through your aggregate or rubber mulch with installation of fabric underneath.
  • 5oz woven fabric allows drainage, will not deteriorate.
  • Sold by the linear foot or full roll 6’ x 250’.

Our customer favourite landscape fabric is a 5 oz contractor grade woven fabric designed to keep weed growth out of your flower beds or areas where you have aggregate installed. Due to the fabric being woven, it allows water to drain through, so no build up will occur unlike plastic ground cover.

  • Can also use in gardens between rows to help keep weed growth down.
  • 6” fabric pins also available in 10pk or 1000 count box.
  • Disclaimer: Installing landscape fabric then adding soil or wood mulch will defeat the purpose of landscape fabric. Wood mulch will compost down over time and grow within itself.