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Hydrangea sp.

Varieties include: Annabelle, Bloomstruck, Bobo, Diamond Rouge, Endless Summer, Fire Light, Fire Tidbit, Flare, Incrediball, Incrediball Blush, Invincibelle Wee White, Invincibelle Red, Lil Quickfire, Limelight Prime, Little Lime, Pee Wee, Pinky Winky, Vanilla Strawberry

Height: 2′-6′ (1-2m) Depending on variety

Spread: 2′-6 (1-2m) Depending on variety

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Growth habit: Mounded

Zone: 3-4

Hydrangeas provide an impressive flower display during the summer season.

Varieties can be selected for size, bloom shape, colour and season.

Bigleaf hydrangeas (H. macrophylla) feature large 'mop-head' inflorescence in shades of blue, purple or pink. Smooth hydrangeas (H. arborescens) feature flat-topped inflorescence in shades of white and pink throughout summer. Panicle hydrangeas (H. paniculata) feature cone-shaped inflorescence in shades of white and pink from summer into fall.

Shrubs prefer partial shade and moist, fertile well-drained soil.