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Gator Rock Bond

  • Use Gator Rock Bond to solidify your aggregate on your pathway or other areas where needed.
  • Ideal for edging, trimming, pathways, walkways, and more.

Mixed Gator Rock Bond with 100% washed and dried aggregate, creates a durable permeable and decorative surface. Great for garden pathways where erosion and drainage are a concern.

  • Porous & permeable
  • Reduces maintenance and clean up.
  • Recommend using an aggregate of 1/8” – 3/8” or 3-10mm in size.
    • We stock our 7mm rock chips or 3/8” round.
  • Installation guidelines can be found HERE.
  • Video sample can be found HERE.
Per 1 Gal & 320 lbs* of Stone Coverage
Liquid Binding Agent 80 sqft @ ½” depth


*320lbs is approximately 4.5 5-gal pails worth of our 7mm rock chips.