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Gator Nitro Joint Sand

  • Gator Nitro Joint Sand is a permeable joint sand designed to lock pavers into place.
  • Used for joints from 3/16” to 2” (60mm) on concrete pavers.
  • Sold in 40lb pails (5gal).
  • Available in Black, Grey, and Beige.

Gator Nitro Joint Sand is the ideal air cure, permeable jointing material. It is a ready-to-use mixture of calibrated sand and proprietary resin formula which cures when exposed to air, hardening from top to bottom of the joint. The product is 25% more stronger than G2 Maxx or G2 Supersand and 25% faster setting time.

  • Works above 0 degrees, great for fall applications.
  • Apply rain or shine.
  • Used for joints from 3/16” to 2” (60mm) on concrete pavers.
  • Nitro Joint Sand helps prevent weeds, insects, and erosion due to wind, rain and freeze/thaw cycles.
  • G2 Maxx can be used on concrete pavers, natural stone, wet cast products & porcelain tile.
  • Visit Alliance’s colour selector tool: HERE
Per 50lb bag 3/16” Joint on Concrete Paver ¾” Joint on Concrete Paver 1” Joint on Concrete Paver
Beige & Grey 55 sqft 15 sqft 11 sqft
Black 51 sqft 13 sqft 10 sqft