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Gator Edge

  • Plastic paver restraints stocked in both rigid and flex options.
  • Designed for straight or curved installations.
  • Sold in 8’ lengths.

Gator Edge is available in flex or rigid 8-foot lengths, designed for restraining pavers on walkways, patios, and more. Gator Edge is made with 100% Polypropylene Co-Polymer. This will give it great strength as well as provide great flexibility. We have a Rigid model which is ideal for straight applications and a Flex model that can be used for all curved applications such as walkways, paths, entrances etc.

  • Easy to use and quick to install with our nails.
  • 10” non-galvanized nails (will rust) sold by the unit or a box of 250. Rusting will allow the nails to move with the earth during freeze & thaw seasons.
  • Flex and Rigid can connect to each other, using the twist & lock connection.
  • Rigid length can turn Flex by cutting the bridge support between each angle.