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Gator Dust Bond

  • Gator Dust is a joint sand designed to secure natural stone joints with flexibility.
  • Used for joints of ½” to 6” (1.25-15 cm).
  • Sold in 50lb bags.
  • Available in Stone Grey or Sahara Beige.

Gator Dust Bond is a unique mixture of polymer binder and stone dust. Once set, it becomes very firm, locking natural stone paver joints while still retaining flexibility and providing a long lasting, jointing material.

  • Pedestrian use only.
  • Works above 15 degrees.
  • Rain safe in 24 hours.
  • Used for joints of ½” to 6” (1.25-15 cm).
  • Gator Dust helps prevent weeds, insects, and erosion due to wind, rain, and freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Gator Dust can be used on natural stone and wet cast pavers.
Per 50lb bag Joints Width 1-2”
Stone Grey & Sahara Beige 20-30 sqft