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Flagstone & Ledgestone

  • Flagstone is ideal for someone that is looking for the natural stone look in their landscape for a patio, firepit area, walkway.
  • Available in rundle charcoal, natural limestone flagstone and creston flagstone.
  • Please call for current pricing.



All our Flagstone is sourced from locations across our beautiful country!

Our Black Flagstone is sourced from the same location as our popular Rundle Rock.  The 1" Black Flagstone works wonderfully as a stepping stone, as well as for any other decorative rock purpose. It can be used to build walls, Inukshuks, flower beds, firepits, or as stepping stones or pavers.  Also available in a 2''.

Our Creston Flagstone has been restocked in the first time in almost 5 years! It is a beautiful blend of oranges, browns & reds. Our favorite use of this flagstone is around firepits but can also be used in similar places as the black flagstone.

Our Limestone comes right from our Saskatchewan Prairies and is a natural yellow flagstone. Matches well with our natural aggregate when creating walkways and other stepping areas.


Our ledgestone is all sourced from our own beautiful country CANADA! We have the largest selection of natural ledgestone in Saskatoon!

The larger 2-3" Black & Brown Flagstone creates a more stable foundation. This product can be used in many creative manners: use it as a paver or stepping stone, build it up into a wall or water feature, or use it as a decorative centerpiece to your yard. The possibilities are endless! The 4-5" Brown & Black Ledgestone is sourced from the same location. The large size of this stone makes a very sturdy base for any sort of wall or feature. The 4-5" Brown & Black Flagstone can be used to build waterfalls for a fountain or water feature, firepits, Inukshuks, garden beds, and more!