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Chestnut Rock

  • Chestnut Rock is a beautiful landscape decorative rock with warm brown tones with a little grey mixed in.
  • Available in 40 lb bags only.  60 bags is equivalent to one cubic yard.
  • Available for pick up only.

Chestnut rock has an array of gorgeous browns and tans to accent your natural landscape. It is available in 40lb bags only.  60 bags are equivalent to one cubic yard of material.

**Saw a bulk product on our website that you need very little of? You can get 5-gal pails of any decorative aggregate for $15/pail. If you require a pail, we require a refundable $10 pail deposit / pail.  Natural aggregate is also available for $10/pail.  You are more than welcome to use your own 5 gal pails.  You are required to fill the pails yourself unless you physically require help.**