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Artificial Turf

  • Create a space that require zero maintenance but is still green.
  • Stocked in two grades: Elite and Pro.
  • Sold by the linear foot (15′ wide).
  • Both are child and pet friendly.
  • Infill & Seaming Kits are available.

Artificial Turf is a great solution if you have grass that just won't grow, or you are just tired of constant lawn upkeep. We carry an Elite and Pro grade in stock at the store! For more information on each type we keep in stock, check out below or stop in and see the samples for yourself.

Elite Turf Pro Turf
·        Most versatile & durable ·        Ideal for play areas
·        High traffic areas ·        Pet & children friendly
·        Pet & children friendly ·        No in-fill required
·        No in-fill required ·        72 oz / square foot
·        72 oz / square foot ·        1.75” pile height
·        1.75” pile height ·        Thinner blade width
·        Thicker blade width  


Infill Options 

  • Rubber Crumb - 1 lb per square foot. Available in 20 lb bags (in stock) or 2000 lb tote (special order).
    • Eco-friendly option. Infill you see at sport fields. Black in colour.
  • Silica Sand - 1.5 lb per square foot. Available in 50 lb bags (in stock).
    • Dust Eliminator. Allows for flexibility in turf. 50-50 blend. Will not compact.
  • Zeolite - 1.5 lb per square foot. Available in 50 lb bags (in stock).
    • Pet friendly option. Zeolite is a molecule that absorbs & contains pet odours. It also cools the turf temperature by almost 30%. 100% natural product.


Seaming Kit

Include 50' of tape & 4 liters of adhesive. Not sold individually.