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About Us

Saskatoon Landscape Store is a local, family-owned & operated landscape supply store. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and products to both contractors and homeowners seeking to create a brand-new landscape or improve upon existing yards. We supply bulk products such as aggregate, mulch, and soil, as well as retaining wall block, paving stones, underground irrigation and the leading supplier of natural stone in Saskatchewan.

Our Story

We here at Saskatoon Landscape Store are your basic small-town Saskatchewan folk that had a dream to be entrepreneurs and work for ourselves someday. Lloyd & I (Tasha) both grew up in small farming communities just west of Saskatoon and have never ventured too far from home. In 2005, Lloyd started doing lawn care maintenance around his full-time job, at that time, which quickly escalated to underground irrigation installations, and softscapes and before long he was doing an entire landscaped yard. In 2007, landscape design & installations of hardscapes, softscapes & irrigation became both our full-time jobs along with raising our family. Although this is something we very much enjoyed, it was very hard physical work. So, in 2011, the landscape supply division started on 11th Street West and a few years later we moved to our current location in the north end of Saskatoon. With the increase in visibility of the new location and a little help from the pandemic, together with great customers & staff, we have grown a little every year!

While Lloyd & I were building the business from the ground up in Saskatoon, we were also building our family. We have four children, Brooklyn (23), Madi (20), Jacob (16), and Casey (16). Brooklyn received her degree in business at the UofS and was quick to jump into the office management position and she has benefited our company in many ways. Madi, Jacob & Casey have been working here part-time while they attend school, hence the reason family-owned & operated. We also have Charlie, our chocolate lab who comes to work with me every day and, hands down, brightens the mood at our workplace. In fact, I believe we have customers that may stop in on occasion just to see Charlie! Our staff consists of about 16 employees that make the engine run from our customer service staff in the office, our yard crew, and our delivery drivers, it sure is heartwarming to know that several members of our team have stuck around for multiple seasons. With our small, but great group of staff, we have built our dream. We continue to grow every day with the support of customers like you!